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The Perils of “I just don’t like it…”

24 Mar

I’m back!

It’s been a hellacious few months for us.   A project I’ve been working on since September finally culminated last week in success, but all the overtime, stress, and sleepless nights took their toll. Jason and I went out to celebrate me being a free woman again, and after two very well-made margaritas from Paco’s Tacos I was finally able to exhale. 

Unfortunately, during the next breath I inhaled the lovely pollen that Charlotte springs are famous for (our pollen count is currently at 80 bazillion in case you were wondering) and immediately became a fevered, sneezing, coughing phlegm factory.  When your doctor runs some tests and then declares she’s not sure exactly what’s wrong, “but take these antibiotics anyway,” you know it’s time to retreat to the couch and catch up on the Netflix queue. 

As usual, my timing was bad.  Continue reading

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