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Culinary Goodness from Fire in the City

19 Aug

It was a great Fire in the City dinner with some spectacular food created by Chefs Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant and Luca Annunziata of Passion8 Bistro. The Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series kicked off its first battle last night, and below are photos of the six courses with their descriptions. The secret ingredients were Eggs and Molasses.

The overwhelming favorite dish by diners was course 4! Surprising to me was Heirloom’s dessert (course 5) getting slightly edged out by Passion8’s (course 6). Must be the chocolate sweet-tooth in me coming out. Congratulations to both chefs and their teams on a great night, and to Chef Luca Annunziata on the win!

Course 1 – Maple Leaf Farms Duck Sausage Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Scotch Egg, Petite Herb Salad, Quick Dill Pickle, Harrell Hill Farms Sorghum Syrup Molasses Duck Jus – by Heirloom Restaurant

Course 2 – Ponzu Harrell Hill Farms Sorghum Syrup Molasses Glazed Tuna, Soft Boiled Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Egg, Sesame Sorghum Duck Yolk, Roasted Beets, Radish Chervil Lemongrass Coulis, Cucumber, Orange Dust – by Passion8


Course 3 – Woody &Wilcox Birdbrain Farms Ostrich Egg Fried Flounder, 3-Times Cooked Potato Chips, Brussels Slaw, Ostrich Egg Sauce Gribiche – by Heirloom Restaurant


Course 4 – Raviolo a la Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Yolk, Ostrich Egg Carbona, Crispy Oyster Mushroom, Roasted Harrell Hill Farms Sorghum Syrup Molasses Party Pan Squash, Charred Corn – by Passion8


Course 5 – Harrell Hill Farms Sorghum Syrup Molasses Cake, Sorghum Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Sorghum Mousse, Sorghum Raspberry Caramel, Raspberry Anglaise, Vanilla Tuille – by Heirloom Restaurant


Course 6 – Harrell Hill Farms Sorghum Syrup Molasses & Milk Chocolate Caramel Cup, Citrus Curd, Sorghum Madeline, Blackberry and Pom – by Passion8


Fire In The City Kicks Off Tonight!

18 Aug

compdiningIn just a few hours, we’ll be sitting down to the first of the Fire In The City dates of the Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series for 2014 at Bonterra Wine Room. For those not familiar with the event, think Iron Chef, pitting two local chefs, a secret NC-sourced ingredient, and six courses to wow the dining room while making sure to incorporate the ingredient in each course. Attendees vote for their favorite of each course, while not knowing which chef came up with either creation. In the end, scores are tabulated and the chef with the highest score is crowned the winner for the night.

Now, do that over eight preliminary rounds, and another seven nights of the winners battling each other, and you get the winner of Fire In The City. Similar events take place in Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, and Raleigh throughout the year. In the Fall, winners from all five cities will meet in Raleigh to compete against each other in a champions round.

Tonight, we’ll see Luca Annunziata from Passion8 take on Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant. We’re excited to see the unique creations that are sure to come from these two talented chefs. If you can make a future competition, it is well worth your time!

Not Your Dad’s Uptown Charlotte

17 Jun
View from BB&T Park

View from BB&T Park

Let me apologize to Uptown Charlotte. You’ve been neglected, and I won’t let it happen again. For some time, Christy and I rarely found ourselves traveling to Uptown on the weekends. With so many other areas of the city booming (South End, Plaza Midwood, & NoDa to name a few), it was easy to turn a blind eye to the tall buildings and all the city has to offer. Now it seems like we can’t get enough. Over the last month, Uptown seems like a second home…and we can’t wait to get back soon. Here are some highlights:

Van Gogh Alive @ Discovery Place – A really unique and powerful exhibit about Vincent Van Gogh that highlighted both his art and writing. We weren’t expecting to have such an emotional response from the display, but a focus on Van Gogh’s own mental health coupled with the powerful backdrop of music and imagery left us in awe. I only wish we mentioned this sooner, as the exhibit has come to an end.

The Asbury – Located in The Dunhill Hotel, The Asbury offers a unique take on Southern food. The kitchen uses local and regional ingredients to create visually stunning dishes that are equally delicious.

Charlotte Knights Baseball – There isn’t a better view of the Charlotte skyline than when you’re sitting in BB&T Ballpark during a Charlotte Knights game. I’ve actually been twice in the last four weeks, and each time was equally fun! Some outstanding food is available at the park, including Queen City Q and Whisky River. Craft beer fans have plenty of options as well, including local favorites Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and NoDa Brewing. Regional craft brewers with beer options include Natty Greene’s and Foothills. You don’t have to be a fan of baseball to go to a game. Honestly, I can’t even tell you who won either game. If you plan on going though, make sure you buy your tickets well in advance. The Knights are leading the league in attendance and sellouts are frequent.

Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment @ Mint Museum – The exhibition covers 11 women photographers and their assignments while working for National Geographic. Each presents a unique story through the lens of their camera. A pretty inspiring collection of photographs that aren’t only visually stunning, but showcase the often dangerous lengths assignment photographers go to get a story.

5Church Restaurant – 5Church feels like it belongs in a bigger city like New York or Chicago. Attention to detail runs rampant in both decor and the food. I’d argue it is probably the most popular restaurant in the city. If you go, be sure to look up. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is handwritten in its entirety across the restaurant’s ceiling. On this trip, we enjoyed the Artisan Cheese Plate, Black Bean Hummus, Grilled C.A.B. Hanger Steak, and Carolina Catfish. Dessert made us pucker with the “Lemon Tart” Pistachio Cookie & Pomegranate Sorbet.

Charlotte Symphony Summer Pops @ Romare Bearden Park – Another new addition to the Uptown landscape is Romare Bearden Park. The open area was the perfect setting for the Charlotte Symphony’s first live concert in Uptown in 10 years. Food trucks were on hand to feed the masses before the free concert. The symphony played “Music of the Movies” and included:

  • Highlights from Jurassic Park
  • Suite from Gladiator
  • Theme from Schindler’s List
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Themes from 007
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Suite from Titanic
  • Imperial March from Star Wars

If you aren’t finding something to do in Charlotte, there really is no excuse. In addition to all we did in the last month, SpeedStreet and Taste of Charlotte were also taking place in Uptown. Navigating the city isn’t hard (except when festivals close down streets). If city parking seems difficult, park further out from the city and take the Lynx Light Rail into town.



Bibi – a Beautiful Taste

28 Jul

IMAG0275Our second installment of the IT Challenge didn’t take place in Indian Trail.  We made a last minute substitution for one of our IT restaurants to go to Bibi – a Beautiful Taste in Downtown Monroe.  Why you ask?  Mostly because the weather was nice and we wanted to dine al fresco.  Also, there are Bibi’s fantastic Facebook status updates about their specials:


Who’s a sucker for The Neverending Story? This gal!

And even though they have a small dining room, this is where you get to eat if the weather’s nice:


Isn’t it pretty?

 I wish we could give this place a resounding thumbs up, but there are a few things going on that bother us.  It has all the elements that we look for in a restaurant:  locally owned and operated, great food, craft beer…but there’s something about it that keeps us from coming back on a regular basis.  But more on that in a minute.  First, the good stuff:


Nuggets o’ goodness

Battered and fried cauliflower tossed in an Asian barbecue sauce.  I’m still questioning why I only began liking cauliflower when I turned 30, but no matter…this is delicious.  My slight critique of it is that the sauce can make the cauliflower a little soggy – I think I would definitely ask for it on the side next time.

Jason’s entrée was a crabcake salad with goat cheese.  No complaints:


He also got a side of truffle mac & cheese.  I helped him with it…

IMAG0072If I’m ever in a situation where I get to make a request for my last meal, this stuff’s gonna be on my shortlist.  I’m not kidding.  Bring on the firing squad!

I had the pretzel chicken with caramelized onion mashed potatoes.  There was also a side salad with orange tarragon dressing – but I flaked and didn’t get a picture.  Normally this comes with seasonal veggies.


Sadly, we were too full to order dessert.  I’m sure those are fantastic here.

So why aren’t we regulars?  In one word: service.  We had three different servers over the course of our meal.  All were super sweet, but none seemed to have a clue as to what they were doing.

They had a particularly hard time with craft beer.  The beer menu here is impressive, considering that you’re in the heart of downtown Monroe, but it didn’t seem that anyone knew a thing about it.  I ordered a Second Wind by Mother Earth Brewing and Jason had a Stone IPA.  Our first server brought us a can and a bottle, and then looked a little confused when we asked for glasses.  But she brought us glasses – that held less than 12 oz. and were coated in ice. It just felt weird.

A European couple was seated near us, and they had questions about the beer menu.   They asked the server (a different server from the one who seemed so confused by our beer order) what some of the best local beers were, and she also looked mildly confused and told him “they’re all craft beer.”  He ended up ordering a Highland Gaelic without any help from her, but at least he got a glass when she brought his order out.

I’m not going to lie – we felt the prices for the entrees were a bit high – I had chicken and it was $15.50.  That being said, the food was really good.  But if I’m going to drop $15.50 on a plate of chicken, I’d appreciate if the server who’s taking care of us knows a little about the entire menu, including the beer.  I’d also appreciate not being handed off to three servers throughout the meal.  It was really disjointed and made it difficult to relax.

Will we be back?  Probably.  I’ll keep getting the awesome Facebook status updates, and we’ll remember how awesome the food is, and we’ll go back in hopes that someone’s decided to step up and manage the restaurant and train the servers.


Long Live Peruvian – A Visit to Viva Chicken

23 May

I always get a weird look when I tell people we had Peruvian food for dinner. And after they shake the look off their face, they always ask, “What is that?” The short answer is “delicious”. However, it’s a cuisine with a foundation in local (Peru & Inca) food with heavy immigrant influences from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Corn, potatoes, and chili peppers are staple ingredients, with marinated meats, kabobs, and stir fry being popular entree options.

Viva ChickenViva Chicken recently opened on Elizabeth Avenue, just down from CPCC. Viva Chicken describes itself as, “a Peruvian inspired restaurant in Charlotte, NC focusing on Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian rotisserie chicken). Peruvian flavors, affordable prices and a great atmosphere…” What’s not to love about any of that? We had to make a visit.

I had an expectation that this would be a traditional sit-down restaurant, so I took a double-take when we had to order our food at the register. But it really wasn’t a big deal, as once you’ve ordered, a server comes to your table for the rest of the meal and takes care of you.

I would urge you to sit outside on their covered patio. Summer temperatures might make it less attractive, but on the night we were there, the weather was perfect and I think it only enhanced the experience. Peruvian feels like a cuisine that should be eaten outdoors. Maybe it’s a personal opinion, but Peruvian and other food from tropical climates (Cuban, Mexican, etc.) taste better with a warm breeze and cold drink in hand.

There are a couple of local craft beer options available on draft. After ordering a Ramble on Red by NoDa Brewing Company, we found out there was an issue preventing them from pouring beer that night. So instead, they gave us some of their house-made red Sangria. It was freshly made with pieces of fruit throughout it and not overly sweet like so many seem to be. It was the perfect accompaniment to go with the food and warmer temperatures.


Quinoa stuffed Avocado

We began the meal with the Quinoa stuffed Avocado appetizer. As you can see from the photo, this whole avocado is split in half and then filled with organic quinoa, onions, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, olive oil, and lime. We opted to add rotisserie chicken to it for a nominal fee which is highly recommended, though you get so much food, probably isn’t necessary. A love for avocado won’t hurt anyone’s feelings in this joint, or anywhere you might go to get Peruvian food. It plays heavily in and around many dishes – something I’d advocate more restaurants consider doing.

Christy ordered the Viva Tacu Bowl (Peruvian canary beans, rice, aji amarillo, fresh cilantro and salsa criolla). I took a few bites of it when Christy wasn’t looking and would have been happy if I’d ordered the same thing. Just a nice combination of flavors and seasoning, further accentuated with a spicy Huacatay Sauce – a Peruvian black mint infused with fresh herbs.


Viva Tacu Bowl

I had the Pollo a la Brasa (Rotisserie Chicken) with white rice and sweet plantains. The chicken had a crispy skin and was so tender it left me continuously picking at the bone trying not to leave a morsel of it behind. A mild Aji Amarillo sauce (referred to as the “yellow” sauce) was good for dipping and if I had more, would have been used on my rice. Only after I ordered did I realize there was a cilantro-infused rice side available, which I’ll opt for instead of the plain white next time.  I want more of the yellow sauce in my daily life. Maybe we’ll try this recipe sometime soon?


Pollo a la Brasa with White Rice & Sweet Plantains

I have a special place in my heart for plantains. Having lived in the Tampa area before moving to Charlotte, a strong base of Cuban food was always available and plantains were always on the plate. I can’t not order them when I see them on a menu, and Viva Chicken’s did not disappoint. Sometimes plantains are really mushy, but these were firm and sweet. If you don’t get them as a side, consider ordering them at the end of the meal.

We were so pleased with the service. The girl who took our order at the register (sorry I don’t know her name!) checked on us often, cleared our plates, and kept us hydrated with water….all with a smile. As we left, everyone wished us a good night…something you can’t help but love as a nice finish to a great dining experience. Walking out, a sign caught my eye which pretty much sums up why we’ll be back and why this place is destined to succeed – great customer service and sense of “community”.

Perhaps the coolest part of the restaurant was this sign.

Perhaps the coolest part of the restaurant was this sign.


Where do you take visitors in Charlotte?

1 May

We’re curious to know what other people do when they have friends or family visiting Charlotte? Are there special places you always visit? A favorite restaurant, bar, or attraction? We have our go-to’s – NoDa Brewing Company, VBGB, Pizza Peel – can you tell we love to eat and drink?

We want to hear what your can’t miss places are in Charlotte. Whether it be for atmosphere, a place to hang out and take in the city, some kind of adventure, or anything else you can think of, we’ve got people coming to visit – so we want some new ideas to mix in with our regulars.


The Perils of “I just don’t like it…”

24 Mar

I’m back!

It’s been a hellacious few months for us.   A project I’ve been working on since September finally culminated last week in success, but all the overtime, stress, and sleepless nights took their toll. Jason and I went out to celebrate me being a free woman again, and after two very well-made margaritas from Paco’s Tacos I was finally able to exhale. 

Unfortunately, during the next breath I inhaled the lovely pollen that Charlotte springs are famous for (our pollen count is currently at 80 bazillion in case you were wondering) and immediately became a fevered, sneezing, coughing phlegm factory.  When your doctor runs some tests and then declares she’s not sure exactly what’s wrong, “but take these antibiotics anyway,” you know it’s time to retreat to the couch and catch up on the Netflix queue. 

As usual, my timing was bad.  Continue reading

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