Why Ditch Chicken?

We know the question is going to come up. Why is the blog called “Ditch Chicken”? Not actual Ditch Chicken

Every morning as we head out to work, we come across an amazing sight. A little white chicken can be found pecking away at the ground in the ditch, along a busy road that clogs with traffic every day. That chicken doesn’t seem to have a care in the world or a worry in life. Whether it be sunny and 80 degrees, or rainy and windy, you’ll always find the “ditch chicken” going about its life, happy and content (as far as we can tell).

We live in Indian Trail (“the IT”), an area that’s experiencing major growth while still trying to hang on to the small-town charm that led most of us to it. To us, the ditch chicken is symbolic of the simplicity that seems to be disappearing from many places like Indian Trail.

What used to be a country road is now a main artery in and out of town. Less than a mile away, a movie theatre and shopping complex is being built that will most certainly bring more people and traffic to the area. Eventually, ditch chicken’s ditch will be swallowed up by urban sprawl. Still, ditch chicken enjoys life, defiant in the face of the inevitable.

I guess we’re a little envious of ditch chicken. Whether it be his own ignorance (come on…it is a chicken), or maybe he truly is living life how he wants, there’s something in ditch chicken that can be admired. We all get caught up in life, moving at break-neck speed, only to look back one day and wonder how we got where we are. I (Jason…I won’t speak for Christy) wouldn’t mind being able to turn off once in a while, keep my head down, and peck away at life without a care in the world. Ditch chicken….you got it goin’ on.

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