Giving thanks…

27 Nov

pass outOur house stinks right now.  It stinks in a delicious way, but it definitely stinks.  You see, I decided to get started on Thanksgiving food prep today, even though Jason and I are only going to be a party of two tomorrow, and I failed to predict the rather odd olfactory juxtaposition that would result from boiling Brussels sprouts while baking a cheesecake.  Thankfully, both of those tasks are now over; I just popped some garlic in the oven to roast for tomorrow’s mashed potatoes – so there’s hope for our home to smell good yet.

We didn’t plan to spend Thanksgiving on our own, but my parents visited in October, and Jason’s parents came up only a few weeks ago.  Neither set of parents were eager to rush back up to Charlotte so soon, especially on one of the worst travel weekends in the year.  And Jason and I aren’t enthusiastic about the four-day dash from North Carolina to Florida to spend Thanksgiving at two different houses.

So we’re on our own.  You’d think that we wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of making Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us, but here’s a big secret – I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  And Jason loves turkey leftovers.  We learned just how much we love these things last year when the timing of Thanksgiving fell perfectly in line with the timing of some kitchen renovations.  Our kitchen was unusable for cooking anything more substantial than a grilled cheese sandwich, so we opted to eat Thanksgiving dinner at The Liberty.  It was a great decision, and the food was delicious and the dessert bar was awesome – but it wasn’t the same.

As crazy as it sounds, and as much as I love eating Thanksgiving food – my favorite part of this holiday is the cooking.  It’s spending time in the kitchen with my husband, chopping vegetables, sautéing mirepoix, sipping pinot noir, and dancing to music.

This time of year, everyone’s posting lists of things they’re thankful for on social media.  Ironically, most people don’t wax poetic about all the material things the have, even though lately it seems like Thanksgiving is synonymous with Black Friday and buying stuff.  It’s the simple things that we’re most grateful for – the love of our family and friends, having a roof over our heads, our health.  My Thanksgiving wish is that we can keep our focus on this – the world would be a much happier place.

So even though I’m disappointed I won’t be seeing our families this Thanksgiving, I’m still incredibly grateful. And I’m happy.

I’m just going to leave this here…food for thought for all those days that aren’t Thanksgiving 🙂



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