Going Local

27 Apr

Indian Trail’s not really a hotbed for anything, much less eating and drinking (two of our favorite pastimes).  We went to Charlotte last night to check out Bulldog Beer & Wine and got into a conversation with the bartender and the owner.  Cute place…with bulldogs.  Not sure we’ll go out of our way to get up to it like we will for some of our other favorite drinking spots, but it’s nice to know there’s a chill place to have a beer the next time we find ourselves in that neck of the woods.

So the Bulldog folks seemed impressed that we travel to eat and drink. …we know we’re not the only ones who drive 20-ish miles for good food and beer, but sometimes we’re surprised by it too!  So we’ve decided to embark on a local journey of sorts…keep your fingers crossed for us, because this ride might be a little bumpy…

We’re going to hit up 10 places to eat and drink within a five mile radius of our home (based on Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews) and we’re going to break down the pros and cons of each.  We’re going to stick with places that serve lunch/dinner because we’re not early birds…breakfast is great in theory but never really works out for us.  To up the difficulty factor, we’re going to avoid the type of restaurant that Indian Trail is best known for – fast food.

Full disclosure – we’ve eaten at most of these restaurants at least once.  But it’s been awhile since we’ve been to many of them.  When we’re trying to plan a dinner out we think “Charlotte” not “Indian Trail.”  One of the reasons we’re embarking on this challenge is that we’d like to give our local eateries a try again…who knows, maybe we’re missing a gem that’s sitting right in our backyard.

For those of you who know so little about Indian TRAIL that you confuse it with Indian LAND…no, we don’t have a Publix, and it’s a good 30 minute ride to Ballantyne.  A little background on the town.  First, the name…this is straight from the Indian Trail town website: “The town derived its name from the Native American path that wound through this area, hence the name “Indian Trail”.

Creative.  Right?

A piece of trivia that’s a bit more interesting: Indian Trail’s population in 2011 was 33,675, and the town has experienced a 182.9% population growth since 2000.  Yup, you read that right.  182.9% population growth.  Seems like everyone’s moving here (us included) and the town’s had a tough time keeping up.  To give you an idea of what passes for big news here – we’re getting a Chick-fil-A soon (or Chick-fil-Hate as Jason and I refer to it) and we’re pretty sure the town’s going to declare the day it opens an official holiday.

What do we like about Indian Trail?  First, our neighborhood is great and has a lot of amenities.  Our property taxes are low, and you can still see the stars at night.  There’s quite a bit of agriculture here, and the minute you cross the line into Union County from Charlotte, you can feel the atmosphere get more laid back.  I don’t see us staying here forever, but for now we’re good…

Here’s what we have to work with:

  1. La Unica
  2. Thai Viet Noodles House
  3. Genaro’s Rotisserie
  4. Omega Coney Island
  5. Jack’s Pizza
  6. Bonfire Bar & Grill
  7. New York Pizza & Pasta
  8. Rock Store BBQ
  9. Athens Pizza
  10. Crossroads Grille

Wish us luck!


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