You will eat it and you will like it…

31 Jan

magnets-youll-eat-it-youll-eat-it-and-like-itIt occurred to me today that I might be a recipe pusher.  If you work with me and ask me about the leftovers I’m microwaving for lunch, you’re likely to receive an email with the recipe once I get back to my desk.  If you tell me that it a) smells delicious or b) you wished that you cooked more or c) “wow, you must be a great cook!” then you may just have that recipe in your inbox before I get back to my desk.  Encouragement imparts magical recipe-sharing powers.

Jason and I definitely enjoy trying new recipes.  We hoard recipes like some people hoard cats.  Thanks, Pinterest.

Jason was cooking dinner tonight and I had to call my boss really quickly about something and somehow I mentioned what Jason was cooking us for dinner.  For the record, it was a Vegetarian Reuben recipe that I found on  My boss mentioned that he loved Reubens…so I immediately emailed him that recipe as well as a chicken sausage and sauerkraut recipe that yields a ton of sauerkraut (and the leftovers can then be used to make the reubens).  I asked him to tell me if he liked it…but what I wanted to say was, “You will loooooooove it.”  Because I love it, and I wouldn’t share the recipe if it weren’t good.

The other day, a co-worker commented on the Carne Giusada I’ve been eating all week…a recipe from that I found via Pinterest.  I sent him an entire Pinterest board of recipes we’ve tried and enjoyed.  It occurs to me now that he may have just been being polite when he told me how good it smelled, and he may not be interested in 54 random recipes.  For what it’s worth, it’s a damn good recipe, and your house will smell amazing while it’s cooking…you should try it, you really should…

I have been told I’m an enthusiastic person, which is a pretty accurate descriptor.  If you ask me about my city (Charlotte) or my football team (the Gators) or my weekend activities (craft beer) you’re likely to get more than an earful about the aspects that I love.  But it’s not easy for me to share my love of these things with you in a tangible way…I can talk about it all day and you’ll see how much I love it, but I can’t make you love it too unless you’re willing to come out with me and try it.  But when you ask me about something I’ve cooked, I can definitely share that with you.  It takes just a minute for me to send you a favorite recipe; and I hope that when I do, you’ll be as enthusiastic about it as I am.


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