Momma Said Knock You Out!

15 Jun

Old school Nintendo, for what it represents, is still pretty damn awesome. I was reminded of this fact on a recent trip to the NoDa Arts district of Charlotte. But this post is less about the warm fuzzy feeling I got from playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, which harkens me back to the days of my childhood.  No…this post is about Salud Beer Shop (where they have a wide selection of Nintendo games available to play), and everything that is great about supporting a local business and the craft beer movement.

While most would assume a beer shop to be nothing more than a place to buy a six-pack or case of beer on your way home from work, Salud is so much more! With countless bottles lining the walls, stocked coolers of individual bottles, six-packs and growlers, and an ever-rotating draft selection, Salud invites you to pull up a chair and stick around. And after just a few minutes chatting it up with owner Jason Glunt, and anyone else who happens to be hanging out, you’ll quickly realize why Salud works.

It’s a place for anyone and everyone to meetup. People of all different backgrounds come to Salud, all with one common love – good beer! You’ll often see a few of the many familiar faces from the Charlotte beer community at the store (NoDa Brewing Company’s Head Brewer Chad Henderson happened to be there on our last trip. Tracie of Charlotte Beer Babes was there too).

Jason truly appreciates his customers and you’ll  feel like you’ve been friends for years. On one oblivious night, as we hung out on the patio past store closing hours, Jason came out and sat with us for 30 minutes just talking – without ever mentioning that he had closed up. Only after we decided to wrap up our evening did we realize he had locked the doors earlier and his wife was waiting on him for dinner. We actually yelled at him for not telling us to leave, but he’s just that kind of communal person.

Salud represents everything you want to see in a successful small business (a great product, community support, and an owner who gets it) and we have no doubt it will be a staple in the Charlotte beer community for years to come.


One other mention: Salud will ship beer to any state that allows it (not Arkansas/Maryland/Massachusetts/Mississippi/New Hampshire/Pennsylvania/Texas/Utah),  so if you happen to read this post and aren’t located near Charlotte, you might be able to try a new beer that isn’t available near you! Just get in touch with Jason!


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