Adventures await!

12 Apr

Our blog is supposed to be about our food and drink adventures, but we haven’t been overly adventurous lately.   The warmer weather has sparked the growth of some organisms in our yard that are best described as what you would get if you crossed a dandelion and Jabba the Hutt,  so we’ve been forced to work in the yard pretty much nonstop for the past 2-3 weekends.  As you can imagine, this leaves little energy or time to get out and do fun stuff on the weekends, and with work being more chaotic than normal for both of us, we’ve had little energy or time to go out during the week. 

Not that we haven’t had some fun times.  We got to try NoDa Brewing’s TriUmphant Tripel the day it was released, and we also got to sample their newest IPA, a white IPA named Ghost Hop.  We finally made it to Salud (loved it!!!).  For a completely different type of adventure, we attended what may have been Indian Trail’s first ever beer dinner.  Before attending that dinner, Jason and I felt like we might be the only two people in Indian Trail who enjoy craft beer, and unfortunately the beer dinner did nothing to help us feel otherwise.  It’s amazing how much of a difference 20 miles can make in a beer scene.


This weekend we hope to get out of our non-adventurous rut with a trip to St. Augustine, FL to celebrate the wedding of an old college friend.  Hopefully we’ll encounter some great seafood in the process, and at the very least, there’s our planned pit stop in Savannah for Zunzi’s – the most fantastic Swiss-Italian-South Africa-Dutch restaurant on the planet. 

So, we plan to have more adventures to report on soon.  Cheers!


One Response to “Adventures await!”

  1. randomgoodstuff April 13, 2012 at 12:05 am #

    Tons of great food … Try the flounder at the Pink House. Man, this was probably the best meal we had during our 3 month stay in Savannah.

    Zunzi’s is alright but over-hyped and too expensive for what it was. If you are still around try Wiley’s. And and the Schnitzel Schack is awesome too!

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