We interrupt today’s drudgery…

29 Jan

It’s been a sorry month in the Ditch Chicken household.  First Jason went down with a cold…and suffered through it for over a week.  Then it happened to me, and I took more than a week to get over it too.  Between cold medication and recovering from the far-too-fun time we had in Savannah over the holidays, we were but shells of our normally ready-for-any-food-and-drink-adventure selves.

Happily, we’ve both recovered enough to go out again, although in a less than hardcore way.  We tried Smalls for the first time Friday (review coming soon, promise!) and also spent some time at VBGB. 

But that’s for another post.  Today was the day we decided to catch up on the drudgery of housework that we’ve been putting off for weeks.  We’ve done the bare minimum to keep the place from being condemned as inhabitable, but for the most part we’ve neglected the chores.  So today we tackled them.  Jason attacked the bathrooms while I handled the backlog of laundry.

The bright spot of our day (besides the feeling of joy that comes from having a clean shower again!) was lunch.  Simple grilled cheese and tomato soup.  And of course, a North Carolina Beer – Natty Green’s Buckshot to be exact (in my favorite Olde Mecklenburg pint glass!). 

Funny how some yummy food can erase the monotony of weeks’ worth of laundry and make my day a happy one.  Cheers to the simple things!


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