For the Love of Pizza!

17 Jan

I'd eat that...

Pizza…Have you ever had a bad slice?  If you really think about it, and you’re being honest with yourself, no you haven’t. It’s okay, neither have we. Whether it’s  the $2.99 slice from the joint still open at 2 a.m. serving the drunken masses, or a gourmet thin crust with goat cheese and prosciutto, pizza serves both a gastronomical and functional purpose.

We like a good sauce and fresh ingredients. Christy may talk a lot of smack about pizzas that have to be blotted with a napkin to soak up the grease (ahem, Gainesville Five Star circa 2000), but deep down many appearances at Friday morning college classes are owed to just such stuff. It would be hard to imagine getting through the rigors of college without a slice in hand (and with bits of pepperoni making their final resting place on the pages of every…and I mean every textbook).

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place in our hearts for the pear and gorgonzola wood-fired pizza from Brixx.  Christy loves artichokes on her pizza; Jason loves goat cheese – go figure. I can’t say I would have enjoyed such a “fancy” pizza when I was in college. Of course, anything other than a Coors or Bud Light would have set off alarm bells in my head as well. I’m glad we’ve developed a palate for something other than the standard cheese and pepperoni – but I’m just as content with a simple pie.

Both types of pizza have a time and a place.  Case in point – the best pizza we’ve had recently?  The large-as-a-plate slice from Sweet Melissa’s in Savannah.  Apparently it’s best known as an “after pub-crawl” kind of place, and some locals that we mentioned it to were shocked we weren’t high when we went in…or when we left.  We can’t vouch for the quality of the ingredients, but we can say that whatever was on (or in) that pizza was enough to help us walk back to the hotel in a straight line – which was the function it was intended to serve.  Thank you, Sweet Melissa’s.

Our attitude toward pizza is one of acceptance.  Pizza, come as you are – froufrou or blue collar – we love you!


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